How Children Can Benefit From Learning to Play an Instrument

29/11/2017 | By mangini | 0 Comments

A Fear of Public Speaking

There are very few of us who enjoy speaking publicly. For the rest of us, it’s an experience which nightmares are made from! However, improving these skills this is one of the best benefits learning to play an instrument can bring.

Learning to play an instrument and performing as part of a group of student who they have shared their learning experience with is the best way for a student to overcome their fear of public speaking. By performing publicly in a comfortable and safe space with their band, students feel more confident the next time that they need to perform solo or to give a speech or a presentation during their class.

If this is a particular struggle area for your child, be sure to include rewards and recognition for their work. For example, a small box of delicious treats from the Groupon Coupons page for Edible Arrangements can be a great and tasty reward for a good practice session.

A Counting Brain Is a Working Brain

When it comes to math, no student likes to practice. Well, no student likes to practice knowingly.

For student learning to play the piano, as an example, they are required to not only read two separate lines of music but also keep the tempo while scanning ahead for any changes.

While it may seem easy on the surface, this is a lot of work for a child’s bran as it needs to not only keep count of the music being played but also consider how to adjust for upcoming tempo changes. All of this is done by way of math and is a great way to keep your child’s brain active.

Team Working Skills

There will be times where your student is required to either work with a partner or as part of a group. Often, they won’t have the opportunity to choose who they work with, with the teacher instead making the decision based on who they worked with last time.

For many students, this can be an awkward feeling as they are forced to work with a student they don’t really know or may not enjoy the company of. However, through practice sessions of a band, students learn how to not only work together as part of a team towards a shared goal but also how to receive and provide constructive criticism to other students to help reach the shared goal faster and more effectively.