Lagu Yang Membuat Tenang Pikiran

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Artwork Trainer Union in co-operation with Daugavpils Mark Rothko Artwork Centre and College of Art of Shiauliai College (Lithuania) invites you to take part within the 9th Worldwide Conference PARTICULAR PERSON. The New York Times called Chen Tao, a poet in music” and his enjoying a miracle of the oriental flute.” Conductor Herbert Von Karajan praises him as an artist who performs along with his soul.” Chen Tao is a graduate and former Affiliate Professor at the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing.nature music

The oral tradition of the Sami—the indigenous folks of the northern Scandinavian Peninsula and the Kola Peninsula of current-day Russia—is contained in completely vocal songs known as yoiks HN22 ( thirteen ). Yoiks—consisting of quick repeated cycles of nonsense syllables with out linguistic that means—describe on a regular basis life and all the time carry personal which means for the yoiker.

But I am also speaking as somebody who once emigrated from one tradition to another, somebody who is anxious about the well being of the soundscape, somebody who is still studying to pay attention and stays astonished and fascinated by the complexities of listening.

By this title I do not want to encourage any superstition, or any concepts that may attract folks into the fields of curiosity; but through this topic I want to direct the eye of those, who seek for truth, in the direction of the regulation of music which is working throughout the whole universe and which, in other words, may be referred to as the regulation of life, the sense of proportion, the law of concord, the…nature music

It has been the alternative of Biophilia, where I mainly lower every little thing off and created this area, went to a international island, and determined to make all these vegetation develop concurrently; the technology, the programming, the music writing, the lyric writing.nature music